Opening: Thursday 02 November 2017 | 19.30

Duration: 02 November - 02 December 2017


Glykonos 4, Dexamenis Square, 106 75 Athens Greece
Τ.:+30 210 72 13 938

The landscape is unbreakably connected with time. Every passing moment, the position of the Sun, the movement of the clouds, the Spring, the Summer, the Autumn, the Winter transform the landscape. Every time you visit a place, the picture you see is unique. Representations of physical space since the dawn of human history. Every era approached the landscape in a different way. Nowadays, photography and cinema use the landscape either as a basis to organize the narration, or as a dominant subject. There are many movies that deal with the subject of landscape, each one in its own way. What I recall most vividly from Ki-Duk Kim’s movie ‘Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring’, is a small wooden room on a platform floating in the centre of a lake surrounded by mountains. It was exactly this emphasis that the director bestowed on photography and the recording of the influence exerted on the landscape by the succession of the seasons, as well as with the understanding of how small and unimportant man is compared with the grandeur of nature, that made me contemplate once again the subject of my own choice...

Why the landscape?


Christos Simatos is one of the most recognized names in the Greek fine art photography.

He  was born in Athens in 1977. He graduated from the Athens School of Fine Arts and has completed a post graduate there. He has attended courses on painting and photography in the UCM Facultad Bellas Artes in Madrid of Spain with the Erasmus programme. His works can be found in various private collections in Greece and abroad. He lives in Athens and works in the universe.

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