Christos Simatos is one of the most recognized names in the Greek fine art photography.

He  was born in Athens in 1977. He graduated from the Athens School of Fine Arts and has completed a post graduate there. He has attended courses on painting and photography in the UCM Facultad Bellas Artes in Madrid of Spain with the Erasmus programme. His works can be found in various private collections in Greece and abroad. He lives in Athens and works in the universe.

He specializes in High-Definition and Ultra-High-Definition photography, in multispectral photography (UV, IR), in archeological photography as well as macro photography. He photographs works of art, pictorial installations, architectural sites and portraits. Since 2013  he has been collaborating with the National Hellenic Research Foundation in photographing inscriptions of  the Classical and Hellenistic period in the region of Macedonia. He has photographed findings in several archeological museums and sites, including the National Archaeological Museum, the  Archaeological Museums of Thessaloniki, Pella, Edessa, Kilkis, Argos, Aigai (Vergina), the fresco in Philip II’s tomb etc. He is a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece, the Hellenic Center for Photography and the Hellenic Copyright Organization.


Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring, Athens Art Gallery, Greece
Landscapes, Loukas and Euangelos Bellonias Foundation, Santorini, Greece

Viniani, Municipal Art Gallery of Agrinio

Santorini, Loukas and Euangelos Bellonias Foundation, Santorini, Greece

Syn-Chronies, Athens Art Gallery, Greece

Familiar - Unfamiliar, Athens Art Gallery, Greece

Selective Group exhibitions 

Offering III, Municipal Art Gallery of Agrinio 
Art Athina, Athens, Greece

Intermediate spaces
MacArt cultural center

Art Athina Contemporaries 
"Statement made
(curator Artermis Potamianou)

Slow Down Rooms, Benaki museum,
Athens, Greece

Tracing Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey,
(curator Iris Kritikou)
Tracing Istanbul
Technopolis Athens Gazi Industrial
Archaeological Park, Athens Greece,
(curator Iris Kritikou)

A Paler shade of white,
Loukas and Euangelos Bellonias Foundation,
Santorini, Greece, (curator: Iris Kritikou)
Art Athina, Athens, Greece

Graduates of the Master's in Fine Art
 of the A.S.F.A.
Exhibition space «The Fadctory»
Athens, Greece.
Young Artist's exhibition 
Picture - Space - Action 2,
Technopolis Athens Gazi Industrial
Archaeological Park, Athens Greece

Human - Color + Iron II,
Fine Arts exhibition
Shipbuilding zone at Perama,
Athens, Greece

Capturing Utopia, Fournos Centre
for Digital Culture, Athens, Greece

Painting: Gallery Ε Hanco, Finland

Among Others , pedestrian
Dionysius Areopagite, Athens, Greece

Previous Exhibitions